Re-Opening Safely

We're prioritizing the safety of our customers, our staff, and the wider community.

We've thought about how to re-open as safely as possible while continuing to offer incredible coffee and food.

Generally, we’re giving our staff and customers plenty of room to social distance while they’re visiting our shop.

We're utilizing our outdoor areas for service and reduced seating, with plexiglass dividers to ensure contactless interactions between staff and customers.

We've also implemented additional cleaning and sanitizing.

We've included a detailed list below of all of the things we’re doing to keep safe.

Also...let's wear masks...
Safe, contactless ordering at Patika

Staying Home

We want you to be here...but we’d ask you not to be if you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive or if you have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms. We'll see you in 14 days.

We also require any staff to stay home if they experience any symptoms or have reason to believe they’ve been exposed to the virus, and we’re offering paid sick leave to our folks to ensure they’re able to stay home without worry.


Wearing masks has been shown to dramatically reduce the spread of SARS-CoV2 and are recommended by the CDC anytime you're out in public around people.

We believe masks protect Patikans, who are here for many hours during the day.

we're requiring all staff and asking all customers to wear a mask while visiting.  Thanks!

We have some cute masks for sale, and are happy to provide single-use masks while you wait for your order.

Staying Safe


Keeping Clean

  • Employee handwashing upon entering the shop and every hour while working
  • Touchless Point of Sale
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at all potential contact areas
  • Disinfect outdoor customer areas hourly and point of sale areas more frequently as needed
  • Requiring gloves whenever our staff are interacting in outdoor customer areas
  • Additional steps for after hours cleaning and sanitizing
  • Requiring gloves of our staff whenever taking items from customers, such as swiping their credit cards

Control the Spread

  • Plexiglass dividers between customers and staff
  • Employees will wear masks at all times
  • Customers are required to wear masks while visiting Patika
  • Clearly designating safely distanced areas for waiting and ordering
  • We’re collecting cell phone numbers and time of visit to assist voluntary contact tracing, should it be necessary
  • Employees are given a health screen before starting each shift
  • Employees undergo Covid training before returning to work
  • Employees will be paid for time off due to sickness
  • Sugar, Splenda, stirrers, milk/half & half, simple syrup, and lids will be provided on request.
  • We encourage online orders
  • No reusable cups/mugs
  • Credit card payments only
  • All vendor deliveries will require masks, or be accepted outside our shop
Contactless delivery at Patika