Thanks for 6 Great Years

P1 kart

We started almost exactly 6 years ago at 2nd and Congress with just the two of us, figuring out how to do good coffee (while y'all were super patient with us).

Some of those first customers are still coming to see us, and we're incredibly honored to count you as friends now.

We appreciate the loyalty and support you've given us, and the confidence from that is what empowered us to go open our shop on South Lamar.

Unfortunately, the climate for trailers downtown has become challenging. In addition to some recent electrical setup issues with the city, the sale of our lot has made us come to the conclusion that re-investing in the needed changes for the kart just doesn't make sense financially.

We hope to find a new presence downtown, and we're keeping our eyes open for a new spot (and if you hear of anything, let us know). We'd love a small space where we could continue to do great coffee and pastries, and see all of you on a regular basis.

But mostly we want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who's been part of our world these past six years, many of whom have become great friends. We're honored to be part of this amazing community that's formed, and you're the reason we do what we do.

We hope to see you downtown again soon.

But until we're back, we want to say THANKS, and we'll see you on South Lamar!

-Andy, Nick and the Patikans